Evolv Leadership Diamond™ focuses on the cornerstones of success.

We help to ensure balanced, sustainable leadership.

Evolv Leadership Diamond™ is the first concept for leadership development which focuses on leaders’ holistic development by combining leaders’ mental and physical capacities, crystallized values and individual leadership style seamlessly together.

Mental capacities

A balanced mind and mental strength are the bedrock of well-being and successful leadership. In today’s uncertain world, optimism and resilience are more important than ever. Other critical success factors include strong self-awareness and control, and an even better awareness of your own thought and action processes, behaviour and emotions. Developing your personal coping and defence mechanisms is essential to combat stress.

Physical capacities

Physical capacities enrich our well-being and strengthen our resilience in challenging situations. Our constantly changing, fast-paced and hyper-networked world challenges our ability to take care of our body, which is our most important tool. To achieve the optimal balance and energy level, we need to find ways to maintain our personal well-being. Our everyday lives must balance physical load, rest and recovery, diet, and physical exercise.


Leadership consists of goal oriented work with people, building efficient organizations and solving problems to achieve significant results. However, in our uncertain and complex world, the operating environment for leadership is always changing. Leaders are required to show they can change both their focus and their leadership style quickly. Success in all situations demands the ability to reflect on your own strengths and blind spots. You also need to always be ready to expand the range of contexts in which they can lead.


In a turbulent world, leaders’ authenticity is ever more important, to ensure both personal balance and corporate success. Without a clear and firm value base, the direction and meaning of actions become blurred. The significance and values of the work done help leaders make difficult decisions and stand behind them.

What’s essential is being aware of our personal values and acting accordingly.

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