Evolv is a top expert in leaders’ holistic development.

We are the first in Finland to offer holistic development and training for senior leaders. We draw on our clients’ values to reinforce their leadership skills and physical and mental capacities. In our work, we take advantage of the latest research data and ensure the right direction and results of development work through reliable measurement and data analytics.

Evolv was founded in April 2019 by respected experts in their fields. We focus on leaders’ holistic development. We help our clients to find solutions for balanced, sustainable leaderhip.

We are leading experts in leaders’ holistic development, measurement and monitoring.

Our team and specialists

Nina Kurola
Partner, Managing Director 
M.Sc. (Econ.)

Nina is inspired by the holistic development of leadership, lifelong learning and growth. She has more than 20 years’ experience of analysing and developing leaders, management teams, boards of directors and organizations.

Before founding Evolv, Nina worked as a partner in one of the world’s top executive search and leadership development companies, and in management consulting roles in Finnish and international companies. Her motto for development is: ‘Let’s look at things “inside out” and set our sights on lasting positive change.’

Jaakko Norilo
Partner, Chairman of the Board
M.Sc. (Eng.) 

Jaakko’s background is in international business leadership. He has deep and broad experience of management consulting. Over the last 15 years he has particularly deepened his competence in leadership coaching. Jaakko previously worked in executive search and various line organization roles in Finland and abroad.

Jaakko is an inspiring, direct cooperation partner whose rock-solid professional skills, strong presence and active communication make a big impact time after time – as do the fast and enduring results he delivers as a consultant and trainer.

Saara Remes
MSc Behavioral Sciences (KM)

Wise leaders want to know themselves well, as the keys to success are found within.

Saara’s expertise include the ability to guide each client to find their unique and individual psychological tools and strengths. She emphasis on practical implications on how to take these virtues into usage.

Using a rich varieties of mental resources and strengths enhance subjective well-being. Feeling well plays an active role in physical activity as well. A good balance between physical and mental wellness predicts peak performance.

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Tero Knuutila
M.sc. (Econ.)
Endurance and wellness coach

Tero’s interests are in business development, exercise physiology and coaching.

Tero is experienced coach and wellbeing specialist who understands business as well as human physiology and is constantly working to keep people physically and mentally in good shape.

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Pekka Pulkkinen
Exercise, wellbeing and recovery expert

Pekka has strong experience in developing and maintaining physical condition at work and helping to ensure good business results.

Listening, analysing, managing different situations as well as providing feasible solutions are his key principles when he works with different people.

Pekka is the spokesperson for health exercise and balanced recovery.

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Taavi Heikkilä
M.Sc. Economics

Taavi Heikkilä has over 30 years of experience in retail and service sector in different executive leadership roles. He has been acknowledged by his work in developing organizational wellbeing; His organization has been rewarded as The Employer of The Year.

Taavi has also been rewarded as The Leader of The Year for his accomplishments in employee wellbeing. Taavi is motivated by driving leadership development as an organizational success factor.

Paula Miettinen

Paula is an experienced advisor in marketing, sales and customer experience development. She has over 20 years of experience in B2B business in telecommunication sector.

She is inspired by technology as a business enabler, innovation, sustainability, leadership development, hybrid and remote work as well as continuous learning. She is a proactive problem solver and innovative strategic leader.

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